About us

Sentir Casa is a unique estate agency that is modern, innovative, reliable, technologically-minded and easy to work with. Our agency has put together a team of young, knowledgeable professionals with an in-depth understanding of the market and customer needs, both those of buyers and sellers. These individuals combine to form a dynamic staff with the ability to maneuver within the market.

Sentir Casa applies all of its tools and technology with the goal of enabling buyers and sellers to find one another.  By doing so, we are able to offer the maximum amount of information possible through the use of photography, videos, reliable and meticulous descriptions, and virtual reality technology.

At Sentir Casa we find what our clients are looking for, whether they are interested in a buying home or finding buyers to purchase their own. We draft detailed property profiles by compiling information on homes themselves and their surrounding areas. These are then featured on our user-friendly, online system which incorporates the most advanced technological strategies. This allows us to establish lines of contact with clients via social networks, newsletters and our blog. Additionally, we offer our clients an array of services to cover each and every one of their possible needs, including legal and financial advice.

Why choose us?

Purchasing or selling a home is an important decision and a complex process. For this reason, surrounding yourself with the most qualified professionals is an intelligent decision that will help to guarantee the highest probability of success.
It is also vital that all properties, whether for sale or purchase, be showcased in maximum detail. This is achieved through in-depth investigation and the use of the latest and most innovative technologies available. If these criteria are fulfilled, then all parties involved can be sure that every measure has been taken to reach success.

Sentir Casa is precisely the company that fits this description: an estate agency that offers clients the best guarantees of purchasing or selling their home.

Mission, vision and values

MISSION: The main objective of Sentir Casa is to serve as the tool that helps our clients to navigate the complex process of purchasing, selling or renting a home. In order to do so, we offer knowledge and professionalism, a vast array of information-gathering strategies for obtaining the most information, not to mention the most reliable, and the best technological resources available on the market, including virtual reality.

VISION: In a world dominated by technology and constant changes, and, in the property market, marked by fierce competition and strong possibilities of easily ‘missing the target’, Sentir Casa sets its sights on the horizon and builds its own future as an applied technology-based company in the sector – one with the capacity to evolve with the times and to incorporate all new innovations in the sector into its customer service portfolio.
VALUES: In any property transaction process, there is no doubt that most people look for professionals who are reliable and welcoming. However, there is also no question that these traits are not achieved without first displaying professionalism, knowledge, preparation, attitude and aptitude, a vocation for service, and ambition. Add all of this to the experience and youthfulness of our professionals and our technological and innovative spirit, and you have the values Sentir Casa is founded on.

Purchase and sales

The employees at Sentir Casa have years of experience advising clients on transactions involving property purchases, sales and rentals. This gives our staff the vital know-how necessary to cater to each of our clients’ needs.

At times we have been asked, “What is more complicated – buying or selling a home?” The answer is simple: the complexity of either process depends on the advice and services that an individual has access to.
At Sentir Casa, our clients have complete access to our extensive knowledge on property transactions. We advise them during every step of a purchase, sale or rental process, and we provide them with extensive, detailed information that is easy to understand and obtain. In short, we get the job done and help our clients to achieve their objectives.
Sentir Casa also specialises in bringing together individuals and organisations with complementary needs.

Property areas

Sentir Casa covers the entire property sector throughout the province of Almería, but a great deal of our activity focuses on key areas in the city of Almería itself, such as La Vega de Acá, Nueva Almería and the Avenida del Mediterráneo, particularly in the northern portion of the latter. These locations represent areas in expansion that offer the largest amount of new housing in the city.

We also have vast knowledge and are well-established in other areas of the city of Almería and the towns of Huércal de Almería, Retamar and El Toyo, Cabo de Gata, and San José.

In terms of the rest of the province, we also have an extensive database of properties in Aguadulce and Roquetas de Mar, La Envía Golf and Almerimar, all of which are areas and/or housing developments geared to tourism.

Finally, for clients who are passionate about Spanish-style country houses, or cortijos, Sentir Casa has what you’ve always wanted, with the best options available.